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The United Nations: An Introduction for Students

The Aims of the United Nations:
  • To keep peace throughout the world.
  • To develop friendly relations between nations.
  • To work together to help people live better lives, to eliminate poverty, disease and illiteracy in the world, to stop environmental destruction and to encourage respect for each other's rights and freedoms.
  • To be a centre for helping nations achieve these aims.
Pages of the UN Charter with the signatures of the delegates from the USSR, the UK and the US.
The Principles of the United Nations:
  • All Member States have sovereign equality.
  • All Member States must obey the Charter.
  • Countries must try to settle their differences by peaceful means.
  • Countries must avoid using force or threatening to use force.
  • The UN may not interfere in the domestic affairs of any country.
  • Countries should try to assist the United Nations.

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