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Pook in the World

Pook wants to be a superhero, but when she says so, everyone laughs.

Help Pook and her animal friends save the world...at least a little bit.

You can come along! Join Pook on this animated, interactive learning adventure.

[Pook is a large download that requires the Flash plug-in.]

Suggested ages: 6 and up

Other Quizzes and Games
Water Quiz

Water Quiz Discover fascinating facts about everyone's favourite liquid with the help of secret hints and pop-ups!

Suggested Ages: 8 and up

 Free Rice And Free Flour 

Play these two games and help end world hunger at the same time!



An interactive and entertaining way to learn about your health. A fun quiz for use with our Health Teaching Unit.

Can you match the country with its flag? One country, three flags. Tag the right flag!



A creative, colorful, and highly interactive on-line quiz. What do you know about cities and population? Find out.


A set of geography questions (and their answers) for classroom use. These are based on Country at a Glance, which can be used by students to find the correct answer.

Play against others or on your own for fun.

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