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21 September 2007     

Get Involved

This day is an important opportunity for school and community groups to become part of a worldwide observation. Share your event with us. Send in pictures and a short article highlighting what you did this year. Maybe your efforts will inspire others next year! E-mail them to: cyberschoolbus@un.org.

Here are ten of the ways the UN works for peace every day:

    1. Brings together 192 countries to work to prevent and resolve conflict and wars.
    2. Promotes human rights for all.
    3. Provides food, water, shelter and medicine to victims of war or disasters.
    4. Develops international agreements to counter terrorism, control drugs and crime, protect the environment and curb illicit weapons.
    5. Deploys peace operations to help countries recover from war.
    6. Supports democracy through free and fair elections, and good governance.
    7. Establishes international tribunals and courts to ensure justice for war crimes and violations of humanitarian law.
    8. Inspires a culture of peace through dialogue, education and information.
    9. Leads campaigns against poverty, hunger and disease.
    10. Assists economic and social development.

To honour the International Day of Peace on 21 September, take a minute to send us a postcard to tell us what you can do for peace. Looking for inspiration? Check out what students around the world did last year, and start making your plans for this exciting day.

A selection of events from last year (With permission from the World Prayer Peace Society):

event1 Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Let’s live a moment in Peace," combined the International Day of Peace with Argentina’s Student Day. Songs, dances, and prayers within a feast environment of peace. Students also partnered with Argentinean Language of Signs interpreters to sign "May Peace Prevail on Earth.”  The event included an inter-religious prayer in which members of the Buddhist, Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Protestant and Baha’i communities gave their peace and hope message. The Kolla community was also present, and with it the Pacha Mama, the force of earth, was also heard in its peace request.
Aruba-Peace Day Oranjestad, Dakota & Alto Vista, Aruba
Students spent a week:
  • Creating a group painting of peace
  • Making flags of all the countries
  • Making paper peace poles
  • Writing poems for and about peace
  • Making individual paintings
  • Learning about people who play a large role in the Peace process of the world
  • Writing Peace wishes
  • Experiencing what “Peace within Me” meant through guided visualizations, prayer, and song.
event3 Sydney, Australia
Students at St. Ignatius (a large college with 330 boarding students and over a thousand others) inaugurated a Peace Garden and planted a Peace Pole.
event4 Vratza, Bulgaria
Secondary School students in Vratza, Bulgaria held a an International Day of Peace celebration. Kids read poems they had written, sang peace songs, and "planted" both a Peace Pole and 70 Pinwheels for Peace along with 20 Trees for Peace.
Kumasi, Ghana
Youth Peace Ambassadors are young men and women who have excelled in their various fields of endeavor and are making meaningful impact in the society, such that people will have a lot to learn from them. The idea is to use their influence to pursue peace and practically represent it such that wherever they are, with the numerous people they encounter, Peace would have gone a step further. When they are on any platform, declaring and calling for peace, the message will go much deeper and further.
India-Peace Day Kerala, India
Students held a peace procession starting from Karickam International Public School. All the school children were holding white flags and posters with sayings like “Children love peace,” “We hate war,” “May Peace Prevail on Earth,”  and “ An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”
Kiryat Ono and Rosh Pina, Israel
Students of an elementary school formed a Peace Committee and declared the whole week to be a week of peace, no fights, no violence—verbal or physical.  Over thirty six-to-twelve-year-olds promoted the idea in more than 20 classes throughout the school.

Tokyo, Japan
Students celebrated the International Day of Peace throughout the country. They worked in small groups (8-10 students) to learn about the International Day of Peace and performed a World Peace Flag Ceremony, sending peace to all the countries of the world.
event7 Baja California, Mexico
Students made a Peace Quilt, sang, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" and presented a Garden Project complete with Peace Pinwheels, Peace Rocks, Peace Posters, and Peace Plantings.  
event8 Maputo, Mozambique
Students held a Peace Day celebration with songs on peace, prayers for peace and danced. There was also a Peace Day painting competition where the five best paintings (out of 200) were awarded received prizes.
Israel-Peace Day Manila, The Philippines
Students shared creative presentations, community dancing and music-making.
SriLanka-Peace Day Colombo, Sri Lanka
10,000 youth drawn from peace activists of all districts took part in the World Peace Day. In addition, a gathering of a few hundred thousand people were joined by dignitaries of all religions.
Arizona-Peace Day Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Students held a  Peace Pals International Art Competition. The global Peace Pals event occurred this same day in Addis Ababa. The final 15 entries of over 1000 from children ages 5-15 years old, from Canada, Mexico, and the USA were on display for the judges to consider.



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