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About Us

Project Highlights

Our interactive database, InfoNation, is accessed by thousands of users monthly who pull up accurate official and up-to-date information and statistics regarding the countries of the world.

Our Schools Demining Schools project brought schools together around the issue of landmines. After learning about the topic, schools ran their own fundraising drives to raise money to clear school grounds of mines. Students could follow the results of their actions through email exchanges with the demining teams in Afghanistan and Mozambique.

The Model UN Discussion Area attracts thousands of students who gather to discuss international issues, request information and exchange ideas.

For the Health module, classes from around the world connected with each other on a discussion board to discuss, then define health, before getting together on-line to question experts from the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization about their concerns.

Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow includes a comprehensive 6-unit teaching module on urban issues that covers everything from the history of urban development to profiles of today's important cities to issues facing the cities of tomorrow.


Good Job
Enes Kazazic
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wow! I must say that you are making me look like a candidate for teacher of the year. Thanks to your program for teachers, I am able to prepare excellent courses while I learn and keep abreast of certain world issues. My students really appreciate the work and so do I. You really make us feel that we can make a difference.
Paul Bougie
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

This program has become an essential part of our Social Studies Curriculum which is centered around World Citizenship and a Global Ethic.
Robert Siegel, Headmaster
St. Joseph School, Temuco, Chile

Just a note to let you know how useful we find this for our social studies classes. Good job.
Gloria Ziolowski
Thornton High School, Illinois, USA

Thanks for all the mail. We have a thriving Peace program in our college and the information has been invaluable in running it.
Richard Laryea
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, Ghana

I would like to thank you and the people responsible for the website. The amount of information readily available and easily accessible makes the research aspect of Model UN much simpler. From finding flags to contact numbers of embassies to past resolutions.

Benoit Charron
Concordia University Model UN
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Just a quick note to say how invaluable your website is to myself and my students. The range of topic you cover are terrific and produce some excellent food for thought in discussion group work.
John Mc Garrie,
History and Modern Studies teacher
Glasgow, Scotland

I discovered your site while doing research for my class's web site. I completed the activity with Pook with my seven students. They loved it. They did really well. I have since forwarded it on to many of my family members, friends and fellow teachers. Thank you for such a wonderful teaching tool.
Diane Wilson, special education (Autistic Support) teacher

University City High School in Philadelphia, PA, USA

I just wanted to tell you that we are using your site and really appreciate it.

First, I linked it to our school's homepage. The sixth graders have been using it to research comparative information between the U.S. and an assigned country for their country reports. They graph the results using a spread sheet program. My son's sixth grade teacher liked it so much last year, that she showed the other sixth grade teachers. They used it again this year. Maybe it will be an annual event.

Second,  my younger son (4th grade) is doing a country report and he is using it to compare his selected country to that of a classmate for an extra credit project. It was so easy to select the two countries and they learned so much about terms like "Gross National Product". Thanks for a wonderful educational web-site.

Mary Beth Baker, web-master
Monte Vista Elementary School La Crescenta, CA, USA

I am glad to see and use your software about the globesearch in the INTERNET. It is great. And I hope I can get more information from it.
Ray Chang
Beijing, People's Republic of China

Keep on doin' what you're doin'!

Elicia Gonzales


The United Nations Cyberschoolbus offers informative and interactive educational materials to a global audience. This year, we are working on several large scale projects, including activites related to science, music, and history. The Global Teaching and Learning Project is looking for sponsors to fund these activities and contribute to funding for translation, programming, outreach, and curriculum development. If you would like the opportunity to be involved in the unique educational world of the UN Cyberschoolbus by sponsoring a specific project or are interested in becoming a general sponsor of the Global Teaching and Learning Project, contact us.


The UN Cyberschoolbus would not be possible without the network of schools that participate in our activities, the organizations that collaborate on our projects, or the educators who contribute to our resource materials. Cyberschoolbus' partners act as focal points in countries around the world. Permanent missions, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations and other groups or associations are invited to join us as partners on specific projects.


Are you interested in learning how a website is produced? Or do you know already and would like to support a great educational project? The UN Cyberschoolbus has successfully incorporated volunteers in almost all aspects of its production. Contact us to find out more.

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