Intermediate School Kit on the United Nations: A Web Adaptation

Unit 13: Saving tomorrow's world
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

Saving tomorrow's world
Our environment is fragile -- it needs to be looked after. The problem is that there are over 5 billion people on the Earth, and they all need shelter, fuel, food, clothing and water. The environment can provide all these things if we look after it.

Some countries take more than their fair share from the environment. The people in these countries want cars, packaged food, big houses, raw materials of all sorts and many other "extras". Fortunately, out of about 200 countries in the world, the countries that demand the extras only amount to about 50.

The environment gets damaged even in poorer countries because the people use it just to stay alive. They cut trees for fuel and farm the soil heavily. Their governments try very hard to earn money so that they can build schools and hospitals but they often do this by letting industries pollute the water and the air. It costs money to keep the environment clean.

Photo of Car Dump
A car dump -- overusing resources, adding to pollution.
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